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    Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

    Last updated 1 year ago

    How do you know if root canal therapy is required to alleviate your dental discomfort? While only a dentist can determine if a root canal must be done to fix tooth decay, you may be able to identify signs that it is necessary. Root canal therapy is a procedure that dentists use when a cavity has become so severe that it has penetrated the tooth interior. As a result, the tooth might produce significant pain. If the pressure from chewing with a particular tooth causes you to wince, or if you suffer from a persistent toothache, you might need a root canal. To combat the infection that can occur from tooth decay, the body’s defense mechanisms might also produce tissue inflammation. Should you experience swelling on one side of your mouth, consult a dentist as soon as possible.

    At Redondo Beach Dental Group, we can make your root canal treatment convenient and comfortable. With the help of our sedation dentistry options, you can simply sit back and relax as we attend to your needs. To schedule a visit to our Redondo Beach dental office, call (424) 206-5861.

    Understanding the Basics of Root Canals

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Root canal therapy is a process that dentists rely on to help patients with extensive tooth decay. This procedure, which generally produces no greater discomfort than a routine cavity filling, can quickly alleviate the pain, swelling, and sensitivity that often result from a tooth pulp infection.

    Why a Dentist Might Recommend a Root Canal
    Dentists generally search for the least invasive measure to correct oral health problems. If a cavity is contained to the tooth surface, a filling can typically suffice. However, when decay breaches the inner chamber of the tooth, it can destroy the tissues, blood vessels, and nerves that reside there. These structures cannot regenerate and must be removed to prevent greater decay and infection. When this type of damage occurs, a dentist may need to perform a root canal.

    How Root Canal Therapy Works
    Once the patient has been made comfortable with the appropriate sedation dentistry measures, the dentist can begin the root canal procedure. To access the inner tooth chamber, he must drill a hole into it. Then he can remove the decayed pulp with a series of files that channel out the tissue through the hole. When the inner chamber is clear of all infected tissue and bacteria, the dentist can seal it with a special material that deters the buildup of contaminants and helps the tooth maintain its internal durability.

    What Advantages a Root Canal Can Provide
    Root canal therapy allows patients to retain their natural tooth. If an infected tooth is left untreated, it may eventually fall out or require extraction. Though root canal recipients generally cannot feel sensation in the treated tooth, they can still enjoy the function and appearance of it.

    If you have additional questions about the root canal process, we would be happy to address your concerns. Simply call Redondo Beach Dental Group at (424) 206-5861 to speak with an associate at our Redondo Beach-based practice. We can also answer your inquiries about all of the services we provide for South Bay residents. 

    How to Clean Your Baby's Gums

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Your baby might not have teeth to brush, but they are still susceptible to poor oral health. Bacteria that build in a baby’s mouth can cause dental problems once teething begins.

    To keep your baby’s mouth free from bacteria, clean their gums several times a day. First, take a clean cloth and wet it with cool water. Next, ring out the cloth until no water drips from it. Then wrap the cloth around your index finger. Now gently wipe your baby’s upper and lower gums. Repeat as necessary. As this video states, by acclimating your baby to gentle gum abrasion, they will be more likely to let you brush their teeth once they appear.

    Redondo Beach Dental Group offers dental care to patients of all ages in the greater South Bay area. To schedule an appointment, call (424) 206-5861.

    The Importance of Dental Care in Early Childhood

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The behaviors your child learns when they are young can mold their attitude toward oral health once they become an adult. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to help them understand why taking care of their teeth and gums is essential for their wellbeing and appearance. Dentists typically recommend that children have their first dental visit by the time they reach 12 months of age. As the following benefits demonstrate, the earlier you instill a healthy perspective toward oral wellness, the sooner your child will recognize the advantages of taking care of their teeth.

    Identify Potential Issues
    Early intervention is the key for the treatment of many health issues, and dental care is no exception. When you bring your child to the dentist at an early age, they can be examined for any number of conditions, including tooth decay, periodontal disease, and malocclusions. In some cases, a dentist can administer less invasive procedures in early childhood that resolve the need for extensive treatment in adolescence.

    Encourage Good Oral Health
    Taking your child to the dentist on a regular basis teaches them that you value their dental health. Even if you make a habit of brushing and flossing with your child each day, keeping up with your dental appointments is a good reminder that professional dental care is necessary for ultimate oral wellbeing.

    Diminish Dental Visit Anxiety
    No matter where you take your child, if it is a new setting filled with strange people, it can be an unsettling experience. To avoid unintentional stress that might develop in childhood, it’s a good idea to introduce your child to the dentist while they are still young. When your child has a chance to meet the dentist and become familiar with getting routine checkups, they will suffer far less anxiety during future visits.

    Redondo Beach Dental Group can offer individualized dental care for every member of your family. If your child has yet to undergo their first dental checkup, we can make sure that the experience is a happy and comfortable one. Call (424) 206-5861 to schedule a consultation with a pediatric dentist at our South Bay practice. 

    When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    A tooth extraction is often a last treatment resort that dentists seek, but it can be obligatory under some circumstances. For instance, many people benefit from wisdom tooth extractions. As the wisdom teeth attempt to erupt through the gum surface, they can cause misalignment among the other teeth and infection should they become impacted against bone or a tooth root. Extraction of the wisdom teeth can prevent these problems. In the event that a person has extensive periodontal disease, a tooth extraction may also be necessary. If the tooth is no longer secure in the jawbone, it may be prone to infection. An extraction can eliminate complications from a dead tooth and make way for a future dental implant.

    Let Redondo Beach Dental Group look after your dental needs. From routine cleanings to teeth whitening to periodontal disease treatment, we can accommodate any oral health issue you may have. To learn more about our services, call our Redondo Beach dental office at (424) 206-5861 or visit our website.

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