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    How the Food You Eat Affects Your Teeth

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Good oral health may begin with brushing and flossing, but it doesn’t end there. Equally important to your dental wellbeing is what you eat. Your daily food choices directly impact your teeth and gums for better or for worse. To ensure that your diet doesn’t undo your oral hygiene habits, consider the following information:

    Sugary Snacks
    Sweet treats may taste delicious as they touch your lips, but their effects last long after you’ve eaten them. Foods like pastries and candies, which contain high sugar levels, can be detrimental to your oral health. As you chew, the sugars released from these foods can come into contact with bacteria around your enamel. Once they meet, they create damaging acids that eat away at the tooth surface. To avoid cavities, minimize your sugar consumption and brush soon after eating sweet snacks.

    Acidic Foods and Beverages
    Because tooth enamel is susceptible to acidity, you may also want to limit your intake of naturally acidic foods and drinks. Though citrus fruits have many beneficial vitamins, they’re also highly acidic. Lemons in particular can cause significant harm to your enamel. To minimize tooth decay, monitor your intake of lemons, lemonade, orange juice, and coffee, which is also acidic.

    Healthy Alternatives
    Just because a few types of foods can prove harmful to your teeth doesn’t mean you should overhaul your diet. Many other foods are beneficial for your teeth and gums, including apples and celery. Both have natural cleaning properties that can remove bacteria and debris from your teeth when you eat them. Drinking ample amounts of water can also help to keep your teeth free of damaging bacteria. Calcium is a central component for strong teeth, so include plenty of dairy items in your diet, including low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese.

    Would you like to learn more diet suggestions for healthy teeth? Then call Redondo Beach Dental Group at (424) 206-5861. Our Redondo Beach practice provides a wide array of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services for both pediatric and adult patients.

    How to Help Your Kids Brush Their Teeth

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Getting your child to brush their teeth needn’t be a daily struggle. This video offers some ways to make your child’s oral hygiene routine fun.

    Dentistry experts recommend that children brush their teeth for at least two minutes twice a day. However, it may not always be so easy to get your child to clean their teeth for that amount of time. To make the teeth brushing process enjoyable, sing a silly song to your child as they brush. You can also read to them. By distracting them from the task at hand, your child will not only brush for the recommended duration, but also associate oral hygiene with fun!

    Redondo Beach Dental Group offers a welcoming environment for our pediatric patients. To schedule a dental appointment for your child at our Redondo Beach office, call (424) 206-5861.

    Should You Consider Perio Protect?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Periodontal disease can cause more than red and tender gums. This common oral health problem, which affects approximately eight in 10 Americans, can lead to significant dental issues and other health concerns. Receding gums not only result in tooth loss, but also contribute to cardiovascular disease. Periodontal disease can be cosmetically scarring and painful, too. That’s why cosmetic dentistry experts recommend Perio Protect. This innovative process offers both preventative care and comprehensive treatment for those suffering from periodontal disease.

    Reasons for Treatment
    The reasons for using Perio Protect can vary from patient to patient, but in general, individuals who have been diagnosed with gum disease can benefit from this treatment method. People with early stage periodontal disease, or gingivitis, may undergo Perio Protect treatment to prevent the progression of their symptoms. Those with advanced stage gum disease may likewise receive Perio Protect to stop their gums from suffering further damage.

    The Perio Protect Process
    The Perio Protect treatment procedure can be customized to fit the needs of the patient. In some cases, a dentist may first administer scaling and root planing to eliminate existing areas of bacteria and plaque. This then allows Perio Protect to directly treat areas of the mouth that are susceptible to gum deterioration. Other circumstances may call for initial treatment with Perio Protect before additional measures are taken.

    Benefits of Care
    Perio Protect is one of the most advanced care methods available for the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease. The medicated trays used for treatment are safe, discrete, and convenient. Patients can remove them as needed when eating, brushing, or flossing. By using Perio Protect, individuals can also safeguard their teeth and gums from requiring more extensive measures like tooth extraction and dental implants.

    Do you have periodontal disease? If so, call Redondo Beach Dental Group at (424) 206-5861 to schedule an appointment about your Perio Protect options. Our friendly practice offers the most advanced prevention and treatment measures to protect your teeth and gums from painful and harmful oral health problems.

    April is Oral Cancer Awarness Month

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Join us during the month of April as we talk about Oral Cancer and Oral Health. Check out the below flyer for more information on oral cancer or visit Delta Dental online for more information.

    Take Care of Your Teeth by Checking Out These Great Resources

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Dental care doesn’t end when you leave your dentist’s office, great teeth requires diligent work at home. From brushing your teeth twice daily to flossing once a day correctly, you can keep your teeth healthy simply by giving them care. The staff at Redondo Beach Dental Group is dedicated to answering any question you may have about your oral hygiene; you can contact us today at (424) 206-5861 to learn more. Check out the links below to see if you are flossing correctly and answers to other questions.

    • Find out how sugar increases the risk of cavities by reading over this patient-guide from the American Dental Association.
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    • Baby Bottle Syndrome is extremely common and occurs when a child develops multiple cavities after drinking sugary liquids from a bottle. Explore this article from for more information about Baby Bottle Syndrome.
    • Did you know that thumb-sucking can actually cause permanent damage to your child’s teeth and palate? Get the facts and learn how to put an end to thumb-sucking habits by clicking on this link from
    • Do you know how to floss your teeth correctly? Find out by reading over these tips from 

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